What Activities Can You Do?

River Falls

Prices from 20 €

Activity performed in sit-on-top (2 places) tourism canoes, very comfortable and suitable for beginner canoeing.


You can opt for an introductory class in Barragem or opt for the descent of the "Grande Rio do Sul" - Guadiana.

Jeep Tours

prices from 20€

There are three routes to get to know our Alentejo:


- Ore Route

- Pulo do Lobo Route

- Route of the Mrs. of Aracelis


Prices from 20 €

Sport where they are privileged, the interaction of the team, the fast decision making and the premeditation of strategies of the opposing team, in addition to other skills of physical dexterity.


Prices from 20 €

Discover the charms of nature, riding on the trails of the Guadiana Valley Natural Park.


Prices on request

Mounting and monitoring of slide track.

(maximum of 150 meters).

Stand Up Paddle

Prices from 25 €

Activity carried out in dam or in the river Guadiana!

Rappel / Climbing

Prices on request

Vertical activity practiced with the use of ropes and equipment suitable for the descent of walls, in which the participants control their descent in these slopes.


Prices from 35 €

Alone or in a group come to know and observe the birds that inhabit the slopes of the Guadiana River and the green fields of the Alentejo plain - Activity with Guide.

Heritage Tours

Prices from 10 €

Come and see the heritage of the Vila Museu, through the visit to the museum centers of Mértola - Activity with guide.

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